Customer Reviews

Mike was an excellent chief executive to work with. He builds good business relationships and looks after and mentors his people. It would be a pleasure to work with Mike again.
Mike was our chairman at 23.5 Degrees when I became the Chief Executive. Mike’s early stewardship, encouragement and direction set me on the right course to take the company on the right strategy. He provided great counsel and provided support through difficult decisions. He is very much a people person and makes an excellent executive mentor.
Mike built a substantial international division across Europe and Africa for Unisys Corporation and as a result Unisys became one of the leaders in distributed systems. He was a great agent of wide scale change in Unisys and mentored general managers across many countries to achieve good execution.
Mike and I worked together over a number of years. He was an excellent chairman and led our investment to a very successful conclusion. He was a pleasure to work with and a good mentor to the board and management team
Mike was an excellent chairman to work with. He came to the company with no industry specific experience but despite that he added considerable value to the business. His guidance and mentorship to the board and management team was invaluable.
Mike has some very interesting insights on why companies get into difficulty and how to recover from distressed situations. He has much experience to offer CEOs needing extra help and support.
Mike was our chairman and in addition to managing very well the affairs of the board and investor relationships, he gave us all real practical help in developing our business. His knowledge and mentorship in sales and marketing proved enormously valuable to us.
Mike was the non-executive chairman of 23.5 Degrees at a point where the Company had just taken on board new investment from private equity. Mike provided a steadying hand at the tiller presiding over a period of significant growth and profitability investing a considerable amount of his time coaching and mentoring the senior management team.
Mike was selected to be our Chairman by our investment team for his experience in sales, marketing and growing businesses. Not being from the Care sector, he immersed himself in the company and very quickly gained the insight needed. Through his experience, he became very involved and was good mentor support to myself at board level and became part of the senior management helping the company grow.
The management team at EMS enjoyed working with Mike. His chairman skills were invaluable and helped us through a very difficult period. He is one of the best board level mentors I have had the pleasure to work with.
Mike was an outstanding chairman to work with and has been a source of good counsel for me and my management team during our years of working together and beyond. He is very approachable, a good listener and someone you can trust with your business worries. Mike just gets down to helping you solve problems.
Mike and I have worked a few times together. He’s a very good chairman and has a natural mentoring style. Even as chairman, Mike likes to be close to the front line of the business, and as investors, this has given us a lot of comfort.
Mike has outstanding sales and marketing skills and in my role as marketing director I had very valuable mentoring from Mike. Mike was one for setting a pace but also made coming to work a pleasure.
Mike and I worked together on successfully turning around a software business and selling the business to a public company. Mike has considerable business turnaround skills and is an exception leader. He was very popular with the management and staff who he mentored throughout the whole process.
I worked closely with Mike whilst he was the Chairman of a PE backed debt management business that went through a turbulent time. Mike greatly helped and coached a fairly inexperienced Senior Management Team and was well liked and respected by all of the staff. Mike successfully provided the link between the Senior Management Team and the PE house, and controlled Board relationships well.
Mike is an excellent chairman to work with. He gives strong support to management and has a natural mentoring style.
I worked closely with Mike on the transformation of Interlink. Mike earned the respect and warmth of the staff with his commitment to help everyone succeed in their jobs.
I worked with Mike at Digital and Unisys where together we built worldwide sales channels. Mike is a first rate leader with a very human side. He gets things done through inspiring others and always steps in with practical help when needed. Mike makes a great executive mentor.
I worked with Mike for nearly five years when he was executive chairman of European Software Publishing. He was an excellent chairman and gave me and my team invaluable support and mentoring to achieve our goals. He would never let anyone struggle or fail in their role. He always stepped in to support and coach people. He helped junior and senior staff alike to succeed and grow in their careers.
I worked with Mike building Fifth Generation Systems in Europe. The venture was a great success, eventually being sold to Symantec. Mike is an exceptional leader and mentor and created a great European team. Among all the intense hard work and long hours Mike made it a fun and rewarding working environment.
I worked with Mike when he built a successful software business across Europe. He is a great leader and mentor of his team and I benefit to this day from the many things I learned from Mike
Mike and I worked together to turn around Vista International. It was a great experience working with Mike on what turned out to be a successful assignment.
I have worked a couple of times with Mike. He’s an excellent chairman and has a special talent for mentoring a management team. Mike is a strategic thinker and injects a lot of strategy ideas and guidance as well as counselling and coaching on operational matters. It would be a pleasure to work with Mike again.
I have worked with Mike in five companies over many years. He’s an excellent leader and mentor to his co-directors and staff and has a real talent for getting people to work at their best. If he spots anyone struggling, he rushes in to help. Mike’s style is very motivational.