In this article, I explain what I believe are the 10 qualities of an inspirational leader, and what inspirational leadership is.

Inspirational leadership goes beyond simply just managing a team or organisation; it involves motivating and guiding individuals toward a shared vision, fostering a positive and empowering environment. Furthermore, it is about creating a sense of purpose and passion among the members of the team.

Michael Tait inspirational leader

In turnaround situations, I have seen the terrible effects of poor leadership and the affect this has had on staff morale. This always effects the company’s performance.

In my experience the inspirational leaders demonstrate these qualities:

1 Vision and Purpose:

They have a clear and compelling vision for the future. They communicate this vision in a way that inspires others, helping them understand the larger purpose and meaning behind their collective efforts. Very importantly, it shows how exciting the role is of each individual and how valued their function is in the company.

2 Motivation and Passion:

Leaders who inspire others are passionate about their work and are able to ignite that passion in those around them. They motivate their team by fostering a shared enthusiasm for the goals they are all working to achieve.

3 Positive Influence:

They use positive influence to guide and uplift their team members. They lead by example, demonstrating the values and behaviours they expect from others.

4 Effective Communication:

Communication is a key element of inspirational leadership. Leaders articulate their vision and goals clearly, using persuasive and empathetic communication to connect with their team on a personal level.

5 Empathy and Understanding:

They understand and empathise with the needs, concerns, and aspirations of their team members. This empathy creates a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals feel valued and understood.

6 Adaptability:

Leaders who inspire are adaptable and open to change. They embrace innovation, learn from setbacks, and guide their team through challenges with resilience and a positive attitude.

7 Building Trust:

Trust is foundational in inspirational leadership. Leaders build trust by being transparent, consistent, and reliable. Team members feel secure in following a leader they can trust.

8 Encouraging Growth and Development:

Inspirational leaders focus on the personal and professional development of their team members. They provide opportunities for growth, encourage learning, and invest in the success of each individual.

9 Accountability:

Inspirational leaders hold themselves and their team accountable for their actions and results. This accountability fosters a sense of responsibility and ownership among team members.

10 Celebrating Success:

Leaders who inspire, actively recognise and celebrate both big and small achievements. They acknowledge their team members’ contributions, thereby reinforcing a positive and rewarding work culture.

Inspirational leadership is about creating a shared sense of purpose, fostering a positive and collaborative environment, and motivating individuals to achieve their best potential while working toward a common goal. It involves emotional intelligence, effective communication, and a genuine commitment to the well-being and success of the team.


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