Michael Tait Announces Availability To Help Raise Business Capital

Independent Chairman, Michael Tait offers his experience and skills to assist companies looking to secure corporate finance for their businesses.

London UK:  Michael Tait, Interim Chairman, is pleased to announce that he can assist companies to raise finance and capital for business. With so much economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit, companies are increasingly looking for innovative ways of raising corporate finance for their businesses. Tait announces he is now available to help companies raise capital through the leading private equity and venture capital firms in London. Michael is an experienced independent and interim chairman.

Private equity firms rarely invest in businesses without knowing the party who is introducing the opportunity. Michael Tait has considerable experience working with private equity and venture capital firms and has valuable contacts and trusted relationships in the sector. Michael knows which firms will be interested in investing and which will be the most suitable financing or refinancing partner. Michael also has much experience of working with leading London law firms and corporate finance advisers.

According to Tait, speaking to an interviewer, “I have extensive experience in raising finance for business and raising capital through private equity, venture capital and banks such as Investec Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS. My experience over the years has included more than two decades working as a CEO, interim chairman or independent chairmen in private-equity or venture capital-backed businesses with extensive experience in developing businesses, turnarounds, refinancing and achieving exits. I also have many years’ experience in setting up and running international subsidiaries in all the major European countries and successfully bringing overseas businesses to the UK and Europe.”

As part of, or in addition to raising capital, Tait also provides situation and business evaluations, turnaround leadership and strategy formulation and business plans. He can assist with Board or investor problems, refinancing through private equity, guidance on going international, mentoring subsidiary management and assistance with mergers and acquisitions.

More details are available at http://www.independent-chairman.com.


Contact Info:

Name: Michael Tait

Phone: +44 7831 105345

Email: mike.tait@btinternet.com