Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was the largest and most successful of the world’s
minicomputer corporations, famed for manufacturing the leading minicomputers under the VAX
label. Turnover for the UK subsidiary was in excess of £1billion. Michael Tait recalls his successes there,

Michael Tait led the development of DEC’s personal computer dealer network taking the dealer network
from start-up to hundreds of dealers across the UK. Mike and his team created all the marketing
programmes and support infrastructure to drive volume sales through this important sales channel.
Mike ran numerous dealer incentive programmes and large sales conferences in support of the
dealers and utilised famous BBC presenters in some of his shows. Digital became a leading supplier
of personal computers to corporate UK.

After this very successful period, Mike went on to run the overall VAR, Software House, Dealer and
OEM network across the UK covering all Digital products. Turnover reached over £500m. Digital
achieved building the largest third-party sales channel in the UK computer industry.

In parallel with the building and management of sales channels Mike put together a 50-person
telesales team selling PCs, VAX consumables and maintenance contracts.

Michael Tait – Biography